love life

The Notebook is one of my favorite films ever. I hope for a timeless love like Allie's and Noah's.  I wonder if it exists? I pray it does. I may perhaps be finding out...<3

I have learnt that you should NEVER change for anyone. If they don't like you, f*ck them. Be you. Be true to yourself, don't let anyone change who you are.

I love life at the moment, I love my social life and do have the attitude 'fuck it, I'm young'. It might not be the right one, but it suits me where I am at this time of my life. I want to have fun and be free because after all, I'm young.

Don't let the bastards get you down.
Keep calm and carry on.


  1. Haha that is totally my attitude to life right now.x

  2. i love the notebook movie
    lovely set of pictures
    follow me if you like me:)

  3. The notebook is my favourite film. Love this post. hope you will follow back xoxo

  4. I love this kind of attitude! Thanks Lucy! I will follow back :) xx


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