NOTD; The One That Got Away

Ola everyone! Just a quick post about my the colour of my nails today...As from my previous post, you'll see that my sister bought me the OPI Katy Perry mini set...just yummy. Here is the colour, The One That Got Away.

Lovely isn't it? A gorgeous deep pink with flexs of glitter. This colour makes me feel all lovey dovey...and warm and fuzzy....something is seriously up with me today! I love this colour it's beautiful. OPI nail varnish applies smoothly, and is such good quality.

<3 Leah xx


Sister Makeover!

Hello my lovely followers! As you all know, tonight is bank holiday so I am off out to have a class time with my friends, however, we aren't going into town until half ten, so I had some time on my hands. My sister is up from Kent, so, with a couple of glasses of wine in us, we decided to give her a makeover! Here is the before shot...

and here is the after..............................................................................................................................

What do you guys think of my gorgeous sister and the makeover I gave her?! 

Love Leah xxx


A-Level Passing Haul :)

Hello gorgeous girlie's!! I hope everyone's having a good weekend, I've had a good Saturday, went shopping with my Mam and sister and then went to see Final Destination 5 with my sister, it was not so good guys! Anyway, for passing my A-Level's my sister has bought me some goodies and I just had to share them with you!

First up is the OPI Nail Varnish Katy Perry, which contains 4 amazingly gorgeous colours. The One That Got Away which is a deep pink, Teenage Dream which is a glittery pink (love this one, I have it on now!), Last Friday Night which is a glittery blue and Not Like The Movies which is a petrol l looking colour haha, like if you petrol on the ground, it looks all rainbow like! The nail varnish I have on now is brilliant, looks gorgeous and is staying on like a trooper! These are only the small nail varnishes but they will do me just fine! I adore them all and want to wear them all right now! Haha. 

I love all these fantastic colours!

I don't know why this image won't turn around! So annoying, but anyway these are packs of 5 face masks and hair treatments. One pack is full of gorgeous fruity face masks and the other is a special chocolate addition which has normal chocolate face masks, white chocolate face masks and chocolate smelling hair treatments! 

How cute are these! They are little mini nail files that come in a packaging that looks like matches! They have what looks like to be Japanese looking dolls and I just adore them...they are so cute and great for carrying around in your handbag! 

I didn't know what this little flip flop contained but when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised! It contains nail scissors, a nail file, nail clippers and tweezers! Perfect for carrying around in your handbag and I now don't have to worry if I chip a nail or need a quick tweezing of the eyebrows....it's all in this little shoe! The little flip flop is also adorable and the colours, pink with black dots...so cute and girly! 

Urgh, this is so annoying! It was the right way round when I took the picture! GGRR! Anyway, again...some batiste dry shampoo, spicy ;) it smells amazing and is just great when your hair feel oily or greasy and you need a quick fix...spray this baby in and sorted! The only downside is I have brown hair so it does come out white but I just spray it further away from my hair and this stops the whiteness! 

And a little well done cake! How adorable is it? I don't think I'll eat it because I'm not sure whether it would taste good plus I want to keep it as a memory! How cute is my sister?!

And finally I bought these sunny's on ebay for £1.80 and I am in love with them! They are so lightweight and look FAB, swagggerrrrrrrrrr ;) haha, 

LOVE THEM! HAHA, The gold colour is vintage looking ;)

My sister also got me a make-up bag that contained some shower gel and a body scrub! They also smell amazing but the image wouldn't upload! Typical! My sister is amazing. She is so generous and kind and always knows the right things to get me! Every time she comes up to see me, she comes with gifts! Last time I got a professional make-up book! She is just my best friend and I love her to bits!

Hope you enjoyed the wee haul! Reviews on the nail varnishes, face masks and hair treatments are to follow!

Have a brilliant weekend guys! 

Love love love Leah xxxxxxx


right decision?

Hello lovelies! Just a quick post. I've had a pretty sh*t few days. Fall outs and arguments and now one MASSIVE fall out. How do you know if your making the right decision? 


I'm blue dab a dee dab a die & something personal

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your finally weeks of freedom and lie in's! I have plans to go out this bank holiday so I went ahead and done some tanning, so at the moment I am no longer Casper. Happy days! I wanted to wear a nail varnish that really stood out against my now tanned skin (well, tanned for me), so I chose this b-e-a-utiful colour. 

The gorgeous glittery blue is Barry M Blue Glitter. Now this colour looks amazing against tanned(er) skin but not so good against pale skin as it just looks too much in my opinion. It is also an absolute bugger to get off but is well worth while as it just grabs your attention.

It's a great nail varnish and stays on through anything! It is glittery as you can tell and also has a bit of a gritty texture to it but that does not bother me one bit! Imagine this nail colour on the beach with a sexy tan, glistening in the sun? Wish I was going somewhere hot and sunny where I could show this eye catching nail varnish colour off.

I also wanted to show you my new I-phone cover which I am TOTALLY in love with! How old school and amazing is it? I love the bright pink colour!

In the previous pictures, you can all see the bands that I am wearing and I just wanted to take a minute to talk about them. One is for a girl called Chloe Walker and a boy called Kieran Goulding who tragically died last May in a bus crash. They both attended the school that I went to and Chloe was in the year below me and Kieran, the year below Chloe. I knew Chloe and we used to be really good friends but drifted apart like friendships do. Some of her friends came up with the idea of creating wristbands in memory of them and then donating the money they would raise (as I think they were a pound each) to a choice of the families charity I think. I know that they raised A LOT of money and if you walk around the place where it happened, you'd see SO many people with these bands on.

This February just gone a boy called Jordan Peck also tragically died in a motorbiking accident. I knew him from school again and he was my boyfriends close friend. I also used to be in a relationship with him way back in 2009 but hadn't spoke to him for about 2 years. Again some friends of his arranged to have the wristbands made in memory of him and raise money. I personally think it is an amazing idea to remember someone, I wear the bands everyday and look down at them and think of them. 

It tragic times like these that make you wish you made more of an effort. I wish I made more of an effort with Chloe, to rebuild our friendship and I wish I stayed at her house when she asked me. Little things like that. I wish that mine and Jordan's relationship would have worked out but it didn't. It makes it that little bit harder for me as I had more than a friendship with Jordan at one point. It's hard for everyone. 

You can see here that it says their names and Chloe's and Kieran's band has a star on it and Jordan's had a heart. Everyone has been so strong and helped each other through these hard times that we've faced. I hope we can continue on in doing so in helping everyone come to terms with what happened. It's been a year since Chloe and Kieran passed, and it still feels so surreal. That day is such a blur for everyone I suspect and just 6 months since Jordan died. It still doesn't seem real and they are so so missed by everyone.  

It's definitely made me realise to appreciate the ones that you love and don't take them for granted. Love, Laugh and Live! Enjoy your life to the full and try to be as happy as you can. Life's too short. 

Love Leah xx



Olaaaaaa! As my lovely followers will know, I recently passed my A-Levels, so my boyfriend said, what do you want as a congratulations present? (this was before I got my results) and I said, I want some MAC make-up pretty pleaseeeee! So my boyfriend went ahead and ordered me some MAC foundation and said it could be my congratulations present if I pass or my sympathy present if I fail...lovely. However, no sympathy present was needed. 

So when my MAC products came I happily opened my new Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 with a huge smile on my face, as well as Shy Girl lipstick which I treated myself too!

I've kept my foundation in the box, because I clearly have problems! I just love the packaging...I don't know why, it just makes me feel like my foundation will be 'protected'. I always get excited when I buy new make-up, especially MAC because it's not a brand that I can afford, so you can imagine my excitement when I received this package! They came in a box and inside was black paper which was surrounding these little beauty products. 

I'm not exactly sure why this image is upside down, it wasn't when I took the picture!  Anyway, I'm in love with this foundation. I got the shade NC20 and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It applies smoothly and builds up a matte medium coverage which is perfect for me as I hate my freckles! It completely covers any redness I have as well as spots and the dark circles underneath my eyes. I apply my foundation with my fingers as I feel it blends in better and works better as it has the chance to get warmer in your fingers. If you apply your foundation with your fingers like me, I advice to always wash your hands before to avoid spreading bacteria! To put it short and sweet, this is the best foundation I have ever had. It covers amazingly and is well worth the £19.50 price tag....but hey, it's not about the money, money, money! Now onto the gorgeous Shy girl lipstick...

Again, I love the packaging...don't ask me why...I just do! I love how it has the name of the lipstick on the bottom. 

I love this colour, it's a pale pink nude colour which would go great on your lips if your looking for a subtle flattering shade. It applies smoothly, just like the previous post about my other MAC lipstick, it looks amazing on to. It shines in the light and the amazing creamy texture feels great on your lips. The good thing about nude colours is you can wear it if your going shopping or even on a night out. The MAC lipsticks smell amazing, just like vanilla! Yummy. 

Here's a swatch of the Shy Girl lipstick....just delectable isn't it?! This is my favourite lipstick EVER!!

It's just a tiny post but I just needed to share these two perfect MAC products. I think I'm in love with MAC...I'm constantly going on their website, wishing I could buy everything...my next purchase is going to be the natural mineralizing powder...yes please!
Hope everyone's Monday is going okay...I'm watching Sex And The City. Wouldn't you just love a life like those amazing ladies? I've always wished I could have friends like those too...I hope friendship like that actually exists.

Love love love, Leah xxx 


A-Z of moi!

Hello my little cherubs! Well well well, so much is happening and going on in my life at the moment. Got my A-Level results on Thursday and I got into Uni! Mega happy about that and me and my friends went out to celebrate and had a good night! :) I'm working ALL weekend so I don't have time to do a review at the moment which sucks because I have more MAC make-up to review and Elf make-up, so expect a review on Monday! I'm currently waiting to go to work and felt bad for not doing a post, so I decided to do this! I saw it on a blog that I'm following and thought it was a nice way for you to get to know a little more about me, so here goes...
A – Age : 18

B- Bed size: Double

C – Chore You Hate: Washing dishes

D – Day: Saturday
F – Favorite Color: Pink and Yellow
G – Gold or Silver: Silver
H – Height: 5’4
I – Instrument: Never played one
J – Job Title: Student and Waitress
K – Kids: None. Only 18
L – Live: Cumbria
M – Mum’s Name: Lesley
N – Nicknames: Lee, short for Leah, and my family call me Bomb...there is a personal story behind it guys!
O – Overnight stay at hospital: Recently had my tonsils removed, bad experience. 
P – Pet Peeve: People eating with their mouth open and when people bite their fork while they are taking food off it. Grrr
Q – Quote from a Movie/TV show: I love The Notebook quotes
R – Right or left-handed: Righty

S – Siblings: A sister, 2 Step Brother and a Step Sister

T – Time you wake up: Early...use to be 7 for school and then on weekend around 8 or 9...I just can't lie in!

U – Unique about you: I'm just normal, nothing unique!

V – Vegetable you hate: Hmmm, this is a hard one. Being a vegetarian, I love almost every vegetable! I don't like celery though. Yak.

W – What makes you run late: Doing my hair and make-up. I'm such a perfectionist.

X – X-rays you’ve had: Zero....touch wood.

Y – Yummy food you make: Scrabbled eggs on toast...I'm a pro.

Z – Zodiak sign: Aries

I thought that was cute! Haha. I hope everyone has a very good weekend...I won't however as I am working. Boo. BUT I am going out for a meal on Sunday night with my parents and boyfriend to celebrate my results! Hope the people who were waiting for results got what you wanted!

Love love loveeeeeeeeee! xxx

Me and Luke, (boyfriend) the day before my sisters wedding!


                                                                                                                 Me and my gorgeous sister, Jodie 


M.A.C lovin'!

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well!
My Mam and Step Dad got back from their holiday yesterday and I was so so pleased to see them, I missed them lots! My Mam then went on to pull something out of her bag....

TADA! My face lit up as soon as I seen the MAC logo. At the bottom of the box you can see it says 'REEL DRAMA LIP BAG' so I knew that this little box was going to contain some gorgeous MAC lip goodies. I went on to open it as soon as I got it in my hands...I was so excited.

And this is what the box contained. Just oh my god. People don't understand why I get so excited over make-up but cummon...it's MAC!! A MAC lipstick, dazzleglass, cremestick liner AND make-up bag.Just wow! These are now my first EVER MAC products and I could not be happier! I wasn't expecting any MAC make-up off my Mam because we all know how expensive it is so to get these little beauties and for free?! I am one happy lady it's fair to say.

The luxurious lipstick is called Reel Drama and is an absolutely gorgeous dark pink shade. I cannot believe the pigmentation in this lipstick...honestly the best I've ever had, 1 coat and you're done, however if you wanted to, you can layer and layer and layer! When I applied the lipstick I couldn't believe how creamy it was and how hydrated it made my lips feel. I love the colour and I believe that this particular lipstick is only available in this special little box.

Just a gorgeous colour right?! I'll now move on to the dazzleglass crème in the colour Scenestealer. Now again, I think this colour is only available in this set but I wanted to tell you all how much I love it! Lipglosses aren't usual my thing but I adore this one and will definitely be purchasing some more MAC ones! Scenestealer is a peachy pink shade and has silver flex's which makes your lips shine and dazzle in the light! I layered this stunning dazzleglass on top of the Reel Drama lipstick and it gave my lips that extra edge. Great for a 'going out' look! The dazzleglass doesn't leave your lips sticky and doesn't leave you with that feeling of having too much lipgloss on. It smoothly glides over your lips by using the wand leaving your lips shine and dazzle everyone around you! Love it. 

Sorry about the rubbish pictures, I used my I-phone because I couldn't find my camera lead! Anyway, you can see how creamy and lush this dazzleglass is....just yummy! Now onto the cremestick liner in the colour Softwood again, don't think this is available on it's own. I don't usually use lip liners either but I didn't hesitate to rush to the mirror and try this wee beauty out! The colour of this lip liner matched my lipstick perfectly and again is highly pigmented. This particular lip liner is retractable which I love because you don't have to worry about sharpening it over and over again. It applied smoothly and helped my lipstick stop feathering out. The great thing about this is you can also use it to fill in your whole lips! This proved long lasting and felt very light on my lips.

God, my phones rubbish at taking photos! Hopefully you can see what the colour looks like however the phone has made it look darker than it actually is! 

The make-up bag is probably one of the best I've had. The size of it isn't that big but I'll be using it to put my make-up in, in my handbag. Perfect size for your handbag. The material feels strong and sturdy and the gold/nude detail gives it that extra wow. The inside is a reasonable size and will fit quite a few products in...just as much as you'll need for your handbag! 

So here is the little beauty of a make-up with my new MAC products in! The zip makes you feel comfortable that your make-up is going no where! An added extra bonus is the little zipper, which has the M.A.C logo on. How cute! All in all I am over the moon with my new M.A.C products and make-up. I can't wait until my M.A.C foundation and lipstick comes which I ordered on Sunday! SO EXCITED!

I hope you've enjoyed reading, let me know if you've had this gorgeous little package and if the products can in fact be sold separately...each product had 'not for individual sale' printed on the bottom.

Lots of love, Leah xxx

p.s I've had some great news today, a bit too personal for my blog but I'm just feeling mega happy now! Hope you are all happy too!


I'm so excited & I just can't hide it!

Hello lovelies!!! I haven't had the best of days. I woke up in a massive sweat feeling faint and like I was going to be sick. (sorry for the grossness) but I knew I had work so I put my make-up on, shoved my hair back and went to work for my Sunday lunch shift....2 hours in I had to go outside because I thought I was going to faint! My boss kindly said I could go home and that I didn't have to come in for my shift at 6pm because I was ill. Don't you just love easy going bosses? I'd hate to have a boss that was horrible. Anyways, to cheer myself up I have ordered some Elf products and MAC products!

 I am mega excited about the MAC products as this is my first ever MAC purchase! I only ordered some foundation and a lipstick but with the total coming to £35.95, that will do me fine for now! The Elf products came to £10.00  so it's fair to say I've had a little splurge!

At the moment I am waiting for my A-Level results and I only have a kind of 'weekend job' waitressing. I have about 3-4 shifts a week so it is again, fair to say that I couldn't really afford this! However, my very very kind boyfriend has offered to buy me the foundation....(love him) so my total came to about £24.00, so I guess it's not that bad!

I have worked 4 shifts this week and I'm working 4 next week, so I'm hoping to get quite a bit of money, however £60.00 of this money is going out of my purse and into my Mam's for my car insurance (nooooooooooooooooo, the only thing bad about having a car is the insurance, fuel, tax...hmmm seems to be a money graber!)

So, to sum up I am SO excited about recieving my MAC products!! SO SO excited! As soon as I get all of my products I will most definatley be doing a review so stay tuned for that! (my Mam and Step Dad also get back off holiday tomorrow, haven't seen them for a week, so I'm excited for that too!)

I have also realised that my blog seems quite impersonal so tomorrow I will be uploading some new and updated images of moi as well as some questions and answers. I always feel like the better blog, is the blog that has amazing reviews but also some personal things thrown in!

Sorry about this massive ramble, I was excited and needed to express this excitment to my fellow bloggers who would know how it feels when you order new make-up!

Thanks for reading, hope you all had a good weekend.

Leah xxx


Mini Primark Haul

Hello lovelys! Just a mini Primark haul because I really wanted to show these things off because I just think they look fab,

The ring in the top image is stunning! I've wanted a ring like this for ages. It looks medieval almost! I adore the large blue stone with amber streaks running through, it gives this ring a edgy and quirky look! I wear it on my index finger because I prefer it on that finger! It looks fab and I love to match it up with high waisted shorts and a vest tucked in. This ring gives your outfit and edge! Love it and I think it was only £1.50! BARGINNN! 

The ring in the bottom image is also gorgeous! The diamonds and pattern around the ring make it stand out and the white on the blue background makes the ring look victorian. I wear this ring on my index finger as well, it just looks better on that finger! Again for just £1.50.

I thought that these earrings were so cute! They were only £1.00 and I just loved them as soon as I saw them! I love the design of them and the diamonds at the top make them sparkle!

 I also picked up these cute little clips for £2.50. The flower design grabbed my attention! I have really long hair and I get so annoyed with it sometimes and I thought these would be perfect to clip my hair up! They are really strong too and you can feel that they won't let your hair slip out.

And I lastly picked up this make-up bag! I really needed a new one that would be able to fit all my make-up in because I have lots! I loved this lepord print design and the gold 'sign' on the front that says 'Make me gorgeous'. The material is a knock off leather effect and you can feel that it isn't going to snap at the heavy weight of your make-up!

This is what the inside of the bag looks like! As you can see its quite deep and will be able to fit lots of make-up in! The pink lining also gives it that girly look and feeling and also allows you to find your make-up easily. The mirror is a cute little bonus BUT mine was smashed :( never mind though! It was £4.00.

So there we go! Just a mini haul :) I love Primark and all the clothes and jewelery! Wish there was one near me, the nearest one is Newcastle!

Let me know if you have the same items and what you think of them!

Leah xxx


False Nails : A 'Go Go' or a Big 'No No'?

Another blog in the same day...you can tell i'm slightly addicted to blogging!

I recently had to have false nails due to my sister wanting me to have them for her wedding...plus I sooo wanted them!

My sisters husbands, sister is a  professional nail  technician and she is fab at doing nails, so of course I was mega excited about getting my nails done as I thought it 'finishes off the wedding look'. She did an AMAZING job and I honestly would recommend her to anyone down South!
Here is the final result of my nails...

The bottom image is of my nails just being done and I personally think they look amazing! The top image is of my nails a week after having them done so they are now ever so slightly starting to grow up, perhaps the only negative of having false nails on.

My nails are not acrylic or gel, they are fibre glass. I personally think that this is by far the best method of false nails. I've had acrylic  nails on numerous times and they have ALWAYS made my nails weak and leave each layer literally peeling away from the other. In fact my nails were still peeling when I got these ones applied and that was from having false nails last November! Now, I'm not saying that acrylic  nails are bad, perhaps my nails just don't agree with acrylic or the more possible reason, the shop where I got them applied is rubbish. The same happened to my Mam's nails when she got them applied from the same shop...hmmm....I'll leave that one to you.

Anyways, I love  these nails. They are extended because I don't have very long nails but they are so sturdy and strong and look beautiful. They don't have that thick look that the acrylic nails seem to have as well as the 'fake' look. I'm aware that you can tell that mine are false but I can guarantee that the acrylic nails that I've had looked far  more false!

As I got my nails done down South, there's no way of getting them filled in when they need to be so I'm debating whether to get them removed or just paint over them until they are unbearable. I'll probably paint over them...at least my nails will look long and sexy!

I love painting my nails, in fact I don't think that there is a day where I don't have nail varnish on...quite bad really! Here's a couple of pictures I've took on my I-phone at various occasions of my nails...

So my question is...What's better false nails or painted nails? Well I personally think it depends on the occasion! For a wedding or a more special occasion false nails look fab and sophisticated but on a night out bright red painted nails look fierce and grab peoples attention!

Without a doubt I would get fibre glass nails again by Katie because she is AMAZING at doing them but I'd be lost without my colourful nail varnishes! I just love having painted nails! 

Leah xxx