I'm blue dab a dee dab a die & something personal

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your finally weeks of freedom and lie in's! I have plans to go out this bank holiday so I went ahead and done some tanning, so at the moment I am no longer Casper. Happy days! I wanted to wear a nail varnish that really stood out against my now tanned skin (well, tanned for me), so I chose this b-e-a-utiful colour. 

The gorgeous glittery blue is Barry M Blue Glitter. Now this colour looks amazing against tanned(er) skin but not so good against pale skin as it just looks too much in my opinion. It is also an absolute bugger to get off but is well worth while as it just grabs your attention.

It's a great nail varnish and stays on through anything! It is glittery as you can tell and also has a bit of a gritty texture to it but that does not bother me one bit! Imagine this nail colour on the beach with a sexy tan, glistening in the sun? Wish I was going somewhere hot and sunny where I could show this eye catching nail varnish colour off.

I also wanted to show you my new I-phone cover which I am TOTALLY in love with! How old school and amazing is it? I love the bright pink colour!

In the previous pictures, you can all see the bands that I am wearing and I just wanted to take a minute to talk about them. One is for a girl called Chloe Walker and a boy called Kieran Goulding who tragically died last May in a bus crash. They both attended the school that I went to and Chloe was in the year below me and Kieran, the year below Chloe. I knew Chloe and we used to be really good friends but drifted apart like friendships do. Some of her friends came up with the idea of creating wristbands in memory of them and then donating the money they would raise (as I think they were a pound each) to a choice of the families charity I think. I know that they raised A LOT of money and if you walk around the place where it happened, you'd see SO many people with these bands on.

This February just gone a boy called Jordan Peck also tragically died in a motorbiking accident. I knew him from school again and he was my boyfriends close friend. I also used to be in a relationship with him way back in 2009 but hadn't spoke to him for about 2 years. Again some friends of his arranged to have the wristbands made in memory of him and raise money. I personally think it is an amazing idea to remember someone, I wear the bands everyday and look down at them and think of them. 

It tragic times like these that make you wish you made more of an effort. I wish I made more of an effort with Chloe, to rebuild our friendship and I wish I stayed at her house when she asked me. Little things like that. I wish that mine and Jordan's relationship would have worked out but it didn't. It makes it that little bit harder for me as I had more than a friendship with Jordan at one point. It's hard for everyone. 

You can see here that it says their names and Chloe's and Kieran's band has a star on it and Jordan's had a heart. Everyone has been so strong and helped each other through these hard times that we've faced. I hope we can continue on in doing so in helping everyone come to terms with what happened. It's been a year since Chloe and Kieran passed, and it still feels so surreal. That day is such a blur for everyone I suspect and just 6 months since Jordan died. It still doesn't seem real and they are so so missed by everyone.  

It's definitely made me realise to appreciate the ones that you love and don't take them for granted. Love, Laugh and Live! Enjoy your life to the full and try to be as happy as you can. Life's too short. 

Love Leah xx


  1. Your phone cover is so cute and I love your nails!!

  2. Thankyou! I just fell in love with it! xxx


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