A-Level Passing Haul :)

Hello gorgeous girlie's!! I hope everyone's having a good weekend, I've had a good Saturday, went shopping with my Mam and sister and then went to see Final Destination 5 with my sister, it was not so good guys! Anyway, for passing my A-Level's my sister has bought me some goodies and I just had to share them with you!

First up is the OPI Nail Varnish Katy Perry, which contains 4 amazingly gorgeous colours. The One That Got Away which is a deep pink, Teenage Dream which is a glittery pink (love this one, I have it on now!), Last Friday Night which is a glittery blue and Not Like The Movies which is a petrol l looking colour haha, like if you petrol on the ground, it looks all rainbow like! The nail varnish I have on now is brilliant, looks gorgeous and is staying on like a trooper! These are only the small nail varnishes but they will do me just fine! I adore them all and want to wear them all right now! Haha. 

I love all these fantastic colours!

I don't know why this image won't turn around! So annoying, but anyway these are packs of 5 face masks and hair treatments. One pack is full of gorgeous fruity face masks and the other is a special chocolate addition which has normal chocolate face masks, white chocolate face masks and chocolate smelling hair treatments! 

How cute are these! They are little mini nail files that come in a packaging that looks like matches! They have what looks like to be Japanese looking dolls and I just adore them...they are so cute and great for carrying around in your handbag! 

I didn't know what this little flip flop contained but when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised! It contains nail scissors, a nail file, nail clippers and tweezers! Perfect for carrying around in your handbag and I now don't have to worry if I chip a nail or need a quick tweezing of the eyebrows....it's all in this little shoe! The little flip flop is also adorable and the colours, pink with black dots...so cute and girly! 

Urgh, this is so annoying! It was the right way round when I took the picture! GGRR! Anyway, again...some batiste dry shampoo, spicy ;) it smells amazing and is just great when your hair feel oily or greasy and you need a quick fix...spray this baby in and sorted! The only downside is I have brown hair so it does come out white but I just spray it further away from my hair and this stops the whiteness! 

And a little well done cake! How adorable is it? I don't think I'll eat it because I'm not sure whether it would taste good plus I want to keep it as a memory! How cute is my sister?!

And finally I bought these sunny's on ebay for £1.80 and I am in love with them! They are so lightweight and look FAB, swagggerrrrrrrrrr ;) haha, 

LOVE THEM! HAHA, The gold colour is vintage looking ;)

My sister also got me a make-up bag that contained some shower gel and a body scrub! They also smell amazing but the image wouldn't upload! Typical! My sister is amazing. She is so generous and kind and always knows the right things to get me! Every time she comes up to see me, she comes with gifts! Last time I got a professional make-up book! She is just my best friend and I love her to bits!

Hope you enjoyed the wee haul! Reviews on the nail varnishes, face masks and hair treatments are to follow!

Have a brilliant weekend guys! 

Love love love Leah xxxxxxx


  1. O.P.I minisets are a really good idea aren't they :). Sounds like you have a brilliant relationship with your sister, wish I had one!x

  2. I love the Katy Perry collection. Jealous.

  3. The Katy Perry Collection is amazing! please check out our blog: theglamourgirls1.blogspot.com :)


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