False Nails : A 'Go Go' or a Big 'No No'?

Another blog in the same day...you can tell i'm slightly addicted to blogging!

I recently had to have false nails due to my sister wanting me to have them for her wedding...plus I sooo wanted them!

My sisters husbands, sister is a  professional nail  technician and she is fab at doing nails, so of course I was mega excited about getting my nails done as I thought it 'finishes off the wedding look'. She did an AMAZING job and I honestly would recommend her to anyone down South!
Here is the final result of my nails...

The bottom image is of my nails just being done and I personally think they look amazing! The top image is of my nails a week after having them done so they are now ever so slightly starting to grow up, perhaps the only negative of having false nails on.

My nails are not acrylic or gel, they are fibre glass. I personally think that this is by far the best method of false nails. I've had acrylic  nails on numerous times and they have ALWAYS made my nails weak and leave each layer literally peeling away from the other. In fact my nails were still peeling when I got these ones applied and that was from having false nails last November! Now, I'm not saying that acrylic  nails are bad, perhaps my nails just don't agree with acrylic or the more possible reason, the shop where I got them applied is rubbish. The same happened to my Mam's nails when she got them applied from the same shop...hmmm....I'll leave that one to you.

Anyways, I love  these nails. They are extended because I don't have very long nails but they are so sturdy and strong and look beautiful. They don't have that thick look that the acrylic nails seem to have as well as the 'fake' look. I'm aware that you can tell that mine are false but I can guarantee that the acrylic nails that I've had looked far  more false!

As I got my nails done down South, there's no way of getting them filled in when they need to be so I'm debating whether to get them removed or just paint over them until they are unbearable. I'll probably paint over them...at least my nails will look long and sexy!

I love painting my nails, in fact I don't think that there is a day where I don't have nail varnish on...quite bad really! Here's a couple of pictures I've took on my I-phone at various occasions of my nails...

So my question is...What's better false nails or painted nails? Well I personally think it depends on the occasion! For a wedding or a more special occasion false nails look fab and sophisticated but on a night out bright red painted nails look fierce and grab peoples attention!

Without a doubt I would get fibre glass nails again by Katie because she is AMAZING at doing them but I'd be lost without my colourful nail varnishes! I just love having painted nails! 

Leah xxx


  1. They look great, I'm a massive fan of false nails! Loving your blog babe :) xx


  2. Thank you!! I checked out your blog and i'm very impressed! xxx

  3. I have that Rimmel Nail Varnish in Peppermint, it's so beautiful isn't it?! Fast becoming one of my go-to summer colours! xxx

  4. It's gorgeous! Can't get enough of it! xx


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