i can feel something happening that I've never felt before, hopeless dreaming will start

Olaa chica's! <3 I haven't posted in a while because I've been a busy bee with University and freshers. I love it so far, it's absolutely amazing. I am seriously considering moving to my Uni. At the moment I'm living at home but I cannot explain how much I want to be where my Uni is! Tonight is my first night in and at home as I've been staying at a friends house and going out, so, already I am feeling bored and wishing I was out having fun with my friends. Even if I was just sitting in someones flat...I just want to be there!!

Here's a few snaps of the past few days!

So yeah, just a few! The two pictures at the bottom are from a foam party that's why we look like drowned rats, please don't judge the way I look as the foam completely wiped my makeup off! I'm off out again tomorrow and am just loving life! I recently split up with my boyfriend, and it's sad but I needed to do it for me, I don't want a relationship anymore, he was too full on and extremely jealous which I can't stand in someone. 

Anyway, tomorrow should be good! And I can't wait to start my course and get to know so many amazing people. Uni is seriously the place to be, and I'm gutted I can't be there now. This post may seem like I'm in a down, moody mood ha, but it's just I was on a complete high and now being at home, I feel low! Never mind, plenty more top nights to come. My journalism class are top top top people, I love them so much and we seem to be sticking together and getting to know everyone as we have to spend 3 years with each other!

Another thing I quickly want to say is, I think I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don't want to get hurt, but I think I'm going to, but can't help myself. 


if we don't kid ourselves we'll be the leaders of a messed up generation

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well, I apologise for not posting for a while, I've been feeling really 'low' and just wanting my bed for a while. I want to start by saying thank you to those who commented on my post below...you don't understand how good it felt to get some advice and how inspired I now feel to move and forget it. So, I am picking myself up and getting a grip! (It wouldn't let me post a comment on the actual post)
I start University on Monday so I am super excited and I've been busy sorting out the finance and other stuff for Uni.
So just a very quick post of what I've been up to this past week whilst wasting away in my bed!

1. My boyfriend bought me these flowers for our 3 year anniversary, awww <3
2.I adore red bull, could drink it like water, so you can imagine my excitement when my boyfriend bought me this massive can. yummy
3.I bought these shoes from new look because I've been after some for ages...I love them!
4. Clearly the best Cappachino maker in the world! Love making them at work.
5.Caspian pizza and chips. Half mushroom and half margarita. Yes please
6. The worlds best comfort food....Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough.

I'm going to try and do a post about my extensions but things are so hectic at the moment with starting Uni! I have such a huge first week, so I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and show you all very soon!

Just a image I found that has also inspired me. Keep smiling everyone.


who do you think you are, running round leaving scars

I didn't create this blog to write personal posts but you know when something is just on your mind and you need to get it off your chest? Well this is it.
For the last couple of weeks of sixth form, one particular girl made my life hard. I made a mistake more than a year ago and she felt like it was time to tell everyone. She was my best friend and I trusted her with everything and that's what I got in return. 
I had to leave my group of 'friends' as I didn't feel comfortable and I did NOT want to be anywhere near her. 
I understand that I made a mistake and it was wrong but everyone makes mistakes, no one's perfect and I deserve what I get off the girl I hurt. No one else. 
I never ever retaliated once to their constant talking about me, and even the fact that their was a Facebook group made about me, other than delete them all off Facebook so I didn't have to read their sad comments about me, and I even got abuse off them for deleting them? Work that one out. 
I still haven't told her how she's made me feel but oh my god, I am dying to. She thinks she got away with what she done to me and that really gets to me. 
When thinking about this, the thought always comes to my mind...should I just be the bigger person? Should I let her get away with what and how she made me feel? Then there's the other thought....I could tell everyone what she's really like, all those people who think they are good friends with her, they have no idea what she said about them, but I am not that sort of person to go and hurt other people purposely. It just get's to me that she has done this to me, made me an outcast and hate going to the last few weeks of school.
 I thought I'd never have to see her again until I found out she's coming to the same Uni as me but thankfully is at another campus. Hate is a strong word, but I actually hate what she did to me and how she turned everyone against me. 
My Mam says that they can't have been my friends if they chose to take her side and watch her bully me. I suppose she's right but it still hurts to think that they aren't my friends and didn't help me. People I've known for 7 years...they agreed with what she had said but not what she had done...then, why didn't you help me?
I still find it hard and all because of Facebook, how sad right? And I know the solution is to delete my Facebook but then I think why should they win? Why should they bully me, make me an outcast, humiliate me and then practically force me off something I really like? 

Has anyone gone through something like this? I hate her. I really do. 


NOTD; Metal Madness

Hello lovelies! A post my my nails for this evening! Me and my friends are going to see the Inbetweeners movie...finally and I felt like painting my nails a pretty colour. 

It's Elf's Metal Madness nail polish and it is an amazing metallic colour hence the name! I just think that for £1.50 it is a gorgeous colour and is very durable. I used the Barry M top and base coat to make it look shiny and amazinngggg!

Hope your all well, and the weather is good for you all. It's rain rain rain in Cumbria as per usual! Have a good night guys!


Primark, MAC, and Catch Up!

Hey everyone! It's been nearly a week since my last post but I've been a busy bee with work and other things! Just a few things that I am really excited about....two weeks today until I start University! I literally cannot wait, I've met a girl called Samantha who is on the same course as me and I can't wait to meet her. My family and I are also moving house, which I'm okay about...don't really want to but you've obviously got to do what your parents want! We went to see a gorgeous cottage like house and it was beautiful. Really 'old' looking with wooden beams e.t.c which is totally my Mam's dream house so fingers crossed there! Our house is getting valued on Thursday so it's all really happening! I've got SO much to look forward to these months leading up to Christmas, so bring it on!

Anyway, sorry about that little ramble! This post is about my recent visit to the Metro Centre in Newcastle. I mainly got jewellery but got a couple items of clothing and a new bag for Uni!

I got this bag from Primark and I just love it! I love the shape of it and it fits my books and notebooks in perfectly! I can even fit some perfume, deodorant and make-up bag in it! The colour of the bag is lush, I'm such a massive fan of brown at the moment!

I adore these earrings. As you can see they were only £1.50 and they have a semi precious stone hanging at the bottom of a gold chain. The top has a pink diamond and I just think they are stunning.

Again, these are purchases from Primark. I think they were £2.50 and I love earrings like these. I'm also a huge fan of gold costume jewellery. The green stone in middle stands out a mile! I wore these earrings on Saturday night when I went out :)

This absolutely gorgeous necklace was £4.00 and what  a bloody bargin! My friend bought a necklace like this for £14.00 from Topshop and she wasn't too pleased when I showed her this cheap version! You wouldn't even know that it was a cheaper version though! I love it.

These earrings were only £1.00. They are outlined in diamonds and have a vintage look about them. I love the colours of the face and the background. I just think they look like they are worth more than a pound!

I also got a couple of clothes but they are already in the wash! I bought a gorgeous comfy looking blue and white stripy jumper, a black scarf for winter as I have quite a walk to do to Uni and need to be warm, and some jeggings. I also bought some exfoliating gloves because when my tan starts to come off, I look like a patchy mess! 

While looking around the Metro Centre I came across a MAC counter in House of Fraser. Excited is a understatement! I walked around the whole section literally 20 times scanning every item wishing I could buy everything. I had to bear in mind that I am going to Uni and need to save for freshers so I ended up at the Lipstick counter. I looked at every lipstick possible in a daze. Eventually I was draw to Vegas Volt. As soon as I applied it to my lips, I knew that this colour was for me! YEYYY

I went to a party on the Saturday night and then out around town, I bought a new top from Topshop with a wolf on and wore it with my high waisted shorts and new heels from Miss Selfridge. The top is in the wash because I got beer all over myself. Clever girl. 

So there we go guys, a wee catch up and wee haul! Hope you are all well, I'm gonna do a post about my extensions....bloody bargin if you ask me! Stay stunned! ;)