i can feel something happening that I've never felt before, hopeless dreaming will start

Olaa chica's! <3 I haven't posted in a while because I've been a busy bee with University and freshers. I love it so far, it's absolutely amazing. I am seriously considering moving to my Uni. At the moment I'm living at home but I cannot explain how much I want to be where my Uni is! Tonight is my first night in and at home as I've been staying at a friends house and going out, so, already I am feeling bored and wishing I was out having fun with my friends. Even if I was just sitting in someones flat...I just want to be there!!

Here's a few snaps of the past few days!

So yeah, just a few! The two pictures at the bottom are from a foam party that's why we look like drowned rats, please don't judge the way I look as the foam completely wiped my makeup off! I'm off out again tomorrow and am just loving life! I recently split up with my boyfriend, and it's sad but I needed to do it for me, I don't want a relationship anymore, he was too full on and extremely jealous which I can't stand in someone. 

Anyway, tomorrow should be good! And I can't wait to start my course and get to know so many amazing people. Uni is seriously the place to be, and I'm gutted I can't be there now. This post may seem like I'm in a down, moody mood ha, but it's just I was on a complete high and now being at home, I feel low! Never mind, plenty more top nights to come. My journalism class are top top top people, I love them so much and we seem to be sticking together and getting to know everyone as we have to spend 3 years with each other!

Another thing I quickly want to say is, I think I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don't want to get hurt, but I think I'm going to, but can't help myself. 


  1. Looks like youre having such fun! Can't stand jealousy either.
    I always get that, after a high there will be a low, you still look nice with your makeup smudged in the foam. I prefer people who wear their heart on their sleeve, at least people will always know where they hoestly stand with you.x

  2. It looks so funn! All my friends have just gone to uni and so Im really jealous of anyone who's there atm, Hahah! (I went back a year because I didn't like what subjects I did in the first year)

    But it looks like you're having so mug fun, and you probably won't mind living at home when you start hearing stories about who stole the milk etc. Hahah!


  3. It looks like so my fun, almost all my friends are off to uni, im starting in oct :(. Guews it'll be fun making it up with the partying and so forth ha



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