Primark, MAC, and Catch Up!

Hey everyone! It's been nearly a week since my last post but I've been a busy bee with work and other things! Just a few things that I am really excited about....two weeks today until I start University! I literally cannot wait, I've met a girl called Samantha who is on the same course as me and I can't wait to meet her. My family and I are also moving house, which I'm okay about...don't really want to but you've obviously got to do what your parents want! We went to see a gorgeous cottage like house and it was beautiful. Really 'old' looking with wooden beams e.t.c which is totally my Mam's dream house so fingers crossed there! Our house is getting valued on Thursday so it's all really happening! I've got SO much to look forward to these months leading up to Christmas, so bring it on!

Anyway, sorry about that little ramble! This post is about my recent visit to the Metro Centre in Newcastle. I mainly got jewellery but got a couple items of clothing and a new bag for Uni!

I got this bag from Primark and I just love it! I love the shape of it and it fits my books and notebooks in perfectly! I can even fit some perfume, deodorant and make-up bag in it! The colour of the bag is lush, I'm such a massive fan of brown at the moment!

I adore these earrings. As you can see they were only £1.50 and they have a semi precious stone hanging at the bottom of a gold chain. The top has a pink diamond and I just think they are stunning.

Again, these are purchases from Primark. I think they were £2.50 and I love earrings like these. I'm also a huge fan of gold costume jewellery. The green stone in middle stands out a mile! I wore these earrings on Saturday night when I went out :)

This absolutely gorgeous necklace was £4.00 and what  a bloody bargin! My friend bought a necklace like this for £14.00 from Topshop and she wasn't too pleased when I showed her this cheap version! You wouldn't even know that it was a cheaper version though! I love it.

These earrings were only £1.00. They are outlined in diamonds and have a vintage look about them. I love the colours of the face and the background. I just think they look like they are worth more than a pound!

I also got a couple of clothes but they are already in the wash! I bought a gorgeous comfy looking blue and white stripy jumper, a black scarf for winter as I have quite a walk to do to Uni and need to be warm, and some jeggings. I also bought some exfoliating gloves because when my tan starts to come off, I look like a patchy mess! 

While looking around the Metro Centre I came across a MAC counter in House of Fraser. Excited is a understatement! I walked around the whole section literally 20 times scanning every item wishing I could buy everything. I had to bear in mind that I am going to Uni and need to save for freshers so I ended up at the Lipstick counter. I looked at every lipstick possible in a daze. Eventually I was draw to Vegas Volt. As soon as I applied it to my lips, I knew that this colour was for me! YEYYY

I went to a party on the Saturday night and then out around town, I bought a new top from Topshop with a wolf on and wore it with my high waisted shorts and new heels from Miss Selfridge. The top is in the wash because I got beer all over myself. Clever girl. 

So there we go guys, a wee catch up and wee haul! Hope you are all well, I'm gonna do a post about my extensions....bloody bargin if you ask me! Stay stunned! ;)


  1. Lovely haul!

    Lucy x

  2. love the bag! <3 and the little thing that close her, it's so cool!

    The Indie Chase Blog


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