My Soap and Glory Collection/Review :)

 Soap & Glory skincare
Hey guys! I thought i would do a blog on one of my favourite brands, Soap and Glory. Isn't that image above funny! Haha, i had a little laugh to myself! Anyways, I've got a little bit of a collection of Soap and Glory products so i thought i would share them with you and maybe help you decided if Soap and Glory is for you!

 Soap and Glory is available in Boots in the UK, that's where i have got all my products from and they do a range of different products.

Yey! Here is my little collection :) I'm pleased with it and look forward to making it much bigger! Like my other blogs, I'll go through each product one at a time, this way you can take all the information in a bit at a time! I hope the way i do my reviews works well for you. (Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to set them out/do them.)

Soap and Glory Travel Size Flake Away Body Scrub 50ml - £2.35

This is my second pot of Flake Away, so as you can see, it hasn't been touched yet! People may say that this exfoliator is like any other and i must disagree. What sets Soap and Glory aside from any other exfoliators is it's AMAZING smell. Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar...you can just smell what i smell can't you?! It has a gritty texture to it as do most exfoliators but in a strange way, you know that it's going to work because of the texture!
Simply apply to your legs and move in circular motions, when applied to the whole leg simply wash off, and violaaaa! smooth smooth SMOOTH! This exfoliator is for dry skin and let me tell you....it works like a dream! It leaves your legs feeling smooth and oh so touchable! 
This is the travel size but for the normal size you get 300ml for just £4.29 more, giving the 300ml size Flake Away a price of £6.64. If you ask me, i say that it is totally worth buying the larger size as it lasts for ages! Flake Away smells amazing and shows results...can't get better than that can you?!

Soap and Glory Travel Size Righteous Butter, Body Butter 50ml- £2.35
Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, Body Butter 300ml- £10.21

Let me start by apologising about how much i have used these products! As you can see in the image above, they are both practically empty. But, doesn't that say something? I started out with the small body butter as it came as part as a set for Christmas, and then i bought the larger one to take on holiday with me. Ever since then i have been dipping in and out of both! I suppose i should really finish one!
This body butter is creamy, smooth and again has an amazing smell. It has skin softening Shea butter and aloe Vera to give you that moist feeling in your skin.
If you have a bit of dry skin or simply want your skin to feel hydrated and smell gorgeous, simply apply this body butter wherever you feel fit.
I personally apply this body butter when i get out of the bath or shower. This then allows my skin to soak up this velvety intense body butter. I would recommend this body butter to anyone who feels like they need a little bit of moisture in their lives! Perfect for any skin type.
I know that the larger one is a bit more expensive than the travel size however it is TOTALLY worth it. You can SO much more product and the quality of this body butter is amazing.

Soap and Glory Mini Hand Food, Hand Cream 50ml- £2.35

I'm all about the travel sizes aren't i?! But by having this size it makes it easy for you to pop in your handbag and use it whenever you want! 
This hand cream is again scented with the same smell that the body butter and exfoliator has, is non-greasy and feels extremely silky and light. It contains fennel and lotus flower extracts which helps leave your hands MEGA soft and non-greasy!
You find with some hand creams then tend to leave a greasy or sticky residue, but have no fear...Soap and Glory Hand Food rises above this and leaves your hands feeling super soft and smelling gorgeous! Perfect if your hands are left feeling dry and mistreat, simply apply as much as you want into your hands and rub.

From this swatch you can see how creamy and silky this hand cream is. The bottle itself is a squeezy tube and the product can easily come out...simply squeeze! It does exactly what it says on the bottle, feeds your hands! I love this product and i recommend it to EVERYONE!

Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All Travel Size Bubble Bath
Body Scrub(er)?!

First of all i got these in part of a set for Christmas so i don't know how much either of these products are. Sorry! I do know that you can get the bubble bath in a larger bottle for just £5.11
All you have to do is dose a few capfuls into a hot bath. Then get it and relax! This bubble bath has a built in body lotion and moisturising skin conditioner so it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. I personally love this bubble bath, maybe because yet again, it smells AMAZING! You can definitely feel the results of this product once you get out of the bath. Super soft and super smooth!

Now for the body scruber?! I have no idea what you call these things! In my family we call them 'scrubers'?! I have no idea if thats the correct name for them? How silly do i sound right now?! Anyways, this product, also by Soap and Glory is brilliant for scrubing your body and just basically giving you a good wash! I use to have the Soap and Glory Shower Gel but it's all gone :( but i use to add the shower gel to the scruber and that would leave your body feeling smooth and clean!

Soap and Glory Glow Getter 100ml - £10.47

This powder spray is rub-resistant and is so easy to apply! All you have to do is hold the can 20-25cm from your skin, then spray wherever you like. This sun spray can also be applied to your face. Use your fingertips to blend it in until it's all even. It leaves an amazing airbrush finish!
A HUGE plus to this sun powder spray is that you can simply wash it off the next day! So like other fake tans your not left with patchy skin whilst it is coming off.
Some people may say that it is rather expensive for a spray and yes, there are cheaper ones available but i don't think you get an even airbrushed finish with any other spray. It's just my opinion!
A negative point about this spray tan is that it goes everywhere! The first time i used this, i applied it to my legs by using my bed as a sort of prop for my legs. My bed sheets were a golden sun-kissed colour after i'd finished with my legs! Just be sure to use it somewhere where you aren't that bothered about a bit of spray getting on it.
BUT BUT BUT...it smells AMAZING!!!
Very very impressed with this product. I will definitely be purchasing it again when i've run out of this one...i nearly am! 

Soap and Glory Glow Lotion 150ml

Use this Glow Lotion all over your body as a moisturiser. Particularly on your neck and shoulders as a shimmery, fragrant look. Again, this product smells gorgeous, just like the other Soap and Glory products. It is a creamy texture lotion and rubs in smoothly. It shimmers in the sun and leaves your skin looking shimmery and glowing!

Soap and Glory Solar Powder, Bronzer £12.29

This bronzer is simply amazing. It is a mix and match multi-shade bronzer which when applied leaves your skin looking highlighted and defined. Simply apply this bronzer like any other and the effect that
you get it stunning.

As you can see here, mine is not looking too pretty anymore but thats because i LOVE this product and use it almost every day. When the product is new it has a lovely looking S and G in the bronzer which gives it that extra special touch! The packaging is handy too as it has a little mirror which means you can apply this product to your face when and wherever you want!
The bronzer has two shades to it which is good for me because as you know from previous posts, i have pale skin! I tend to use the right shade more. just simply because i feel it looks better on my skin tone!
Just like every other Soap and Glory product, the bronzer has the same gorgeous smell to it, however it is a much subtler smell. When applied to my skin it highlights it perfectly, finishing off my look, making my skin look highlighted and sun-kissed. LOVE IT.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Lipgloss - £10.47
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss - £8.43

I'll start by talking about the Lip Plumping Gloss, it actually WORKS! I've always been a bit unsure of these types of products and actually doubted if they even worked. BUT, this works. What i love about this particular gloss is that it comes in different shades. Nude shades to pinky shades, whatever shade tickles your fancy. This gloss's packaging is a hard tube with a wand to apply the product. Once applied evenly to your lips using the wand...the magic happens. You start to feel your lips tingling..more and more and more! This is a good sign as you know what this little beauty is about to work it's magic. You're left with lips feeling and looking fuller and plumper. It doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky and it smells a treat! RESULT!

On to the XL Extreme Lip Plump. First of all i love the packaging of this lip gloss, it's silver squeezy tube looks attractive and is such an easy lip gloss to apply. Simply squeeze the tube and the product comes out. It works just like the other lipgloss. You apply it, your lips start to tingle and you are left with lips feeling and looking plumper! This gloss leaves a clear glossy shine to your lips and again smells yummy! It is said to have extra strength collagen in it but in my opinion i don't really feel the difference between the two.
Personally i favour the Lip Plumping Gloss, mainly because it is avaliable in different shades!

Well there you go folks! That's all my Soap and Glory products. I hope that you enjoyed reading about them and maybe it's helped you deicide to go and try products from Soap and Glory! The container that is in my first image came as part of a set for christmas so i don't think they are avaliable to buy on there own.
The prices of these items may be considered as dear to some, but i reasure you, it is well worth the money! You get a quality product that instantly shows results...can't get much better than that can you?!
I'll leave with a final image of my products and i really hope that you go and buy some of these amazing, gorgeous smelling products!

Leah xx


ELF make-up review! :)

Hey guys! So, as i said, here is a e.l.f make-up review. The products that i ordered came one day after they were dispatched, so i was very pleased with the quick delievery. They came in a box, which made it even more exciting as it felt like i had a box of goodies...which i soooo did! Here's a picture of the products i recieved,

As you can see, i've already used these products 101 times, so they don't look 'brand new' anymore!
Here's a list of the products!
1. Blush (Peachy Keen) £3.50, Studio Range
2. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 (Pink Kiss) £1.50
3. Concealer (Ivory) £3.50, Studio Range
4. Blending Eye Brush £1.50
As you can see, i only spent £10.00 and the post and packaging was free due to an amazing elf offer! :D Lucky girl i am!

I'll talk about each product one at a time in the order i've listed above, so first things first...

1. Blush (Peachy Keen)

First of all, the packaging of the product is so helpful. As you can see it has a window on the front so you can see what colour the blush is, as well as a mirror inside which again, is very helpful as you can apply it there and then!
I chose the colour Peachy Keen because i didn't have a blush in that colour and i felt that as i am pale, this colour would compliment my skin tone. If you have pale skin like me, i recommend to go for a pale peach/apricot or very soft natural-blush pinks as they work well on porcelain skin.
As soon as i opened the blush, i applied it STRAIGHT away and was VERY pleased with the outcome! It just added a little bit of 'life' to my complexion. The blush itself is soft and light and applies easily to your skin.
Here's a swatch of the Peachy Keen Blush, my camera is rubbish, but hopefully you get the idea of how peachy and fresh looking this blush is. PERFECT blush for pale skin.

2. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15, (Pink Kiss)

To start with i just want to say i ADORE this product! You find that some lipglosses are too 'gloopy' and sticky on your lips, but this one is the complete opposite.
It applies smooth and leaves your lips looking shiny and glossy. You can apply this product to your lips as often as you like and it never seems to get 'gloopy' and you never get that feeling of having 'too much' on your lips. It also is a Spf 15 lipgloss which is an added bonus and protects you from the harsh sun. (not much to be protected from in the UK!). The product comes in a 'squeezy tube' which i feel is the best sort of packaging for lipglosses as you can just feel that it is full to the brim! All you have to do is gently squeeze the tube, and the product comes out.
This handy little lipgloss is small so keeping it in your handbag is no problem at all. The smell of it is also AMAZING, so sweet  :)
I can't wait to purchase some more of these e.l.f lip shines and i recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap but quality lipgloss that stays on for hours.

3. Concealer, (Ivory)

For some reason unknown to me, i can NEVER find a concealer that is the correct colour for my skin tone. Maybe it's because i'm so so pale but anyways i bought this concealer thinking 'this one might work'. I like the packaging of this concealer, all you have to do is twist it and the concealer comes out.
I found that this concealer had quite a creamy texture and it adhered well to my skin. I have rather dark circles underneath my eyes and this concealer covered them well :). Very pleased with this product and would purchase it again and again!

I've again tried to do a swatch of the concealer but my camera is rubbish :(.
I chose the lighest shade that there is avaliable as like i've said, i have pale skin. Always try to find a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation for the best results of covering up spots, dark circles and anything else you want to cover!
Lovely creamy stick concealer! :)

4.Blending Eye Brush

I've been trying to find a decent blending brush for ages, but wasn't too keen on splashing out a lot of money for a MAC one. (Even though i want them so bad!)
So i found this brush on the e.l.f website for £1.50! VERY VERY cheap huh?! I was so impressed with this brush as it is so soft and for £1.50 you wouldn't expect it to be the best quality but it IS! No hairs fall out and it is super soft on the eyelid. It blends brilliantly and i am SOOOOOO pleased that i finally have a quality blending eye brush!
There's not much i can say about a brush, but i recommend e.l.f brushes to anyone who doesn't really fancy splashing out on dearer ones!

All in all, i was MEGA impressed with my e.l.f products. So pleased with the quality of the products as i didn't quite know what to expect due to their extremely cheap prices! I can't believe how cheap e.l.f products are! Infact, the products are better than dearer drugstore products!

www.eyeslipsface.co.uk PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit their website, their products are SO cheap but absolutley AMAZING. There is a studio line where the products are slightly dearer, but i'm talking £2.00 dearer. I purchased the concealer and blusher from the studio line and they also have studio line brushes which are again £2.00 more. SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW PRODUCTS!



What skin type are you?

It dawned on me yesterday that when doing my Lush review i mentioned what skin type i was and told you to ask the assistants in the shop what products they would recommend for your skin type, but not everyone knows their skin type!

You may not know it but there are many different skin types and some people may not be aware of what skin type they are. This could lead to someone buying the wrong product for their skin type.

It wasn't hard for me to know my skin type, since i started using make-up i've always had the problem of dry skin mainly on my forehead and whenever i got out the shower, my face would feel tight. A classic sign of dry skin! So i'm here to help by giving you the different skin types and suggesting what products would be best for the skin that you have!

Smooth, even texture with small pores
Some shine and larger pores on the forehead, nose or chin
Water and oil content in this skin type is balanced

Normal skin needs routine cleansing with a foaming cleanser and exfoliation twice a week. Moisturisation is important with any skin type so try a moisturiser with lightweight lotions and of course use sun cream to keep your skin healthy and glowing and protect it from the sun. A diet with vitamin A, (egg yolks and dairy products), C (broccoli, peppers and tomatoes) and E (leafy greens and nuts) help keep the skin soft and smooth. Again, no matter what skin type you are sufficient fluid intake is important.

May be sensitive
Feels tight after washing
Pores are small
May look dry/flaky
Feels rough, dehydrated

Dry skin requires special care (sad times for me!). As the skin is dry, sufficient fluid intake is extremely important as it keeps this skin type hydrated. Try drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day (if you're like me and HATE water, this may be hard but try added squash or try eating fruit and vegetables as they are high in water content). Layering different textures of moisturiser can help hydrate the skin. Try starting with a lightweight face oil, and then a layer of rich cream over that. Caffeine causes dehydration, so try limiting your intake to about two cups a day. (very hard for me as i LOOOVEEE tea)

Personally, Skin Drink from Lush has worked wonders on my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft
Oily Skin
Large pores that are visible
Breakout in spots
Shiny skin, especially through the T-zone area which is your forehead, nose and chin

Cleanse your face at least twice a day (day and night perhaps) to prevent dirt building up and to keep pores open. Use oil-free moisturisers to keep the skin from becoming overdry. If you do have oily skin and are prone to breakouts try drinking plenty of water and take a look into your diet, perhaps there is something you can change to help prevent breakouts happening.

Nivea Visage Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream 50ml
This is an example of a moisturiser that an oily skin type could use, however it is your own personal opinion on what works best with your skin

Combination Skin
Dry cheeks
Spot dehydration
Larger pores on the forehead,chin and nose
Oily through the T-zone

It is possible to have an oily to combination skin type. This skin type requires regular cleansing, toning and moisturising particully the oily areas and try using a milder cleanser and denser moisturiser for the drier areas. Moisturising products that contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) will benefit this skin type. Simply look at the ingredients of the cleanser to see if it contains AHA.

Lush Imperialis moisturiser - for combination skin.
Another Lush moisturiser with lavender in, which encourages dry skin to produce natural oils and discourages oily skin from overdoing it

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin can range from dry to oily
Itchy or blotchy
Prone to redness
Easily irritated by moisturisers and cleansers

Use mild, non-perfumed cleansing products. Alcohol-free toners that are formulated for sensitive skin are in the shops, as well as moisturisers and cleansers that are specifically formulated for this skin type. If your skin is extremely sensitive don't be afraid to go into the pharmacy and ask if there are any products that could help your irritated skin.

My sister has rather sensitive skin and she has found that Simple products work best for her, so give them a try if you have sensitive skin

I know that was a lot to read but i think that it will have been worth it! Now you hopefully have some sort of idea of what skin type you are and will be able to buy the right products that suit your skin type. Don't be afraid to try different moisturisers/cleansers etc until you find the one that's right for you! Remember that a skin care routine is just as important as brushing your teeth!

Your skin is a relfection of how you treat yourself, if you treat yourself kindly, your skin will thank you for it. I really hope this helps!

Stay tuned for a e.l.f make-up review very soon! :)

xx Leah xx

A great source of information came from Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual which has been a god send! I REALLY recommend this book to anyone who is interested in make-up and skin care.


Lush Review

So, to start with i thought i would tell you about one of my favourite stores, Lush. I think it is absolutley amazing, full of fantastic fresh handmade cosmetics. We don't have a Lush store near where i live, however luckily while in Kent i got the chance to buy a couple of products.

As soon as i went into the store, the frangrance of all the fresh products hit me! It smelt gorgeous! To start with i picked up a face mask called 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' 'blueberries rich in beneficial-oxidants and full of vitamins and minerals reduce inflammation and have antiseptic effect. Soothing Chamomile, Irish Moss and Almond Oil with the gentle cleansing action of Calamine save the day!' Just sounds inviting doesn't it?

This particular face mask is best for dry skin as there was about 6 face masks you could choose from. Simply ask one of the assistants in the store what would be best for your skin type.

So when i got home i rushed into the bathroom, wiped off all my make-up and applied the face mask. (it has to be applied to clean skin). The smell of blueberries is 'lush' and it feels amazing on your skin. You have to leave it 5-10 minutes and within that time it goes a little bit hard on your skin, as it is setting! The only negative point i have about this product is it can tend to crumble off the skin, but when you wash it off with warm water, that doesn't seem to matter!

My face was left smelling gorgeous and was the smoothest i've ever felt it! As you can see it comes in a pot and there is a lot of the product in the pot, bare in mind that you use it 2-3 times a week, so in my opinion it will last for a while.

It is just absolutley AMAZING! I would reccomend this particular product smelling of blueberries to anyone who suffers from dry skin, it hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling so so smooth! It's a brilliant product to use for summer as it smells great. It was cheap at the price of £5.50 and all you have to do is keep it chilled. 5 star rating!

I then went on to purchase a moisturiser beacause i could never find one that suited my skin type. I have dry skin and have always had trouble finding a moisturier that actually worked so i went in Lush hoping that they could help...and boy they helped!

Introducing....'Skin Drink' 'Re-hydrating moisturiser for dry skin. In this pot you'll find aloe and sesame oil, roses and avocado to put the moisture back where it belongs. Dry skin drinks it up and is refreshed and lively again. Skin staple, A no-nonsense best seller'.

(sorry about the flash) this is the packaging it comes in, just like the face mask. I can honeslty say that again, it is AMAZING. I use it every day and night, after i have cleansed and toned, then i apply this all over my face. The moisture you feel in your face is unbelievable, and just like the product is named, it's like your skin is drinking up this moisture!

It feels silky and isn't too heavy on your face. Yes you can feel it is on your skin but believe me, when you have dry skin, all you want is a moisturiser that you can feel is working! ONE negative point, it doesn't smell that nice, i can't really describe how it smells because i haven't smelt anything like it, but don't let that put you off. If you have dry skin and are in need for a moisturiser...SKIN DRINK all the way! It's £11.50 but well worth the money. 5 star rating.

Hope you enjoy my first review...:)

xx Leah xx

New blogger :)

Hey! i'm completely new to this blogging thing, so bare with me, i may take some time to get use to it!

I'm about to study journalism at university and i'm wanting to go into beauty & fashion journalism, so i thought, this is a good place/way to start!

Expect to see make-up and hair product reviews and some fashion reviews thrown in too! all things that i have a passion for!

<3 Leah <3 xx