ELF make-up review! :)

Hey guys! So, as i said, here is a e.l.f make-up review. The products that i ordered came one day after they were dispatched, so i was very pleased with the quick delievery. They came in a box, which made it even more exciting as it felt like i had a box of goodies...which i soooo did! Here's a picture of the products i recieved,

As you can see, i've already used these products 101 times, so they don't look 'brand new' anymore!
Here's a list of the products!
1. Blush (Peachy Keen) £3.50, Studio Range
2. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 (Pink Kiss) £1.50
3. Concealer (Ivory) £3.50, Studio Range
4. Blending Eye Brush £1.50
As you can see, i only spent £10.00 and the post and packaging was free due to an amazing elf offer! :D Lucky girl i am!

I'll talk about each product one at a time in the order i've listed above, so first things first...

1. Blush (Peachy Keen)

First of all, the packaging of the product is so helpful. As you can see it has a window on the front so you can see what colour the blush is, as well as a mirror inside which again, is very helpful as you can apply it there and then!
I chose the colour Peachy Keen because i didn't have a blush in that colour and i felt that as i am pale, this colour would compliment my skin tone. If you have pale skin like me, i recommend to go for a pale peach/apricot or very soft natural-blush pinks as they work well on porcelain skin.
As soon as i opened the blush, i applied it STRAIGHT away and was VERY pleased with the outcome! It just added a little bit of 'life' to my complexion. The blush itself is soft and light and applies easily to your skin.
Here's a swatch of the Peachy Keen Blush, my camera is rubbish, but hopefully you get the idea of how peachy and fresh looking this blush is. PERFECT blush for pale skin.

2. Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15, (Pink Kiss)

To start with i just want to say i ADORE this product! You find that some lipglosses are too 'gloopy' and sticky on your lips, but this one is the complete opposite.
It applies smooth and leaves your lips looking shiny and glossy. You can apply this product to your lips as often as you like and it never seems to get 'gloopy' and you never get that feeling of having 'too much' on your lips. It also is a Spf 15 lipgloss which is an added bonus and protects you from the harsh sun. (not much to be protected from in the UK!). The product comes in a 'squeezy tube' which i feel is the best sort of packaging for lipglosses as you can just feel that it is full to the brim! All you have to do is gently squeeze the tube, and the product comes out.
This handy little lipgloss is small so keeping it in your handbag is no problem at all. The smell of it is also AMAZING, so sweet  :)
I can't wait to purchase some more of these e.l.f lip shines and i recommend it to anyone who wants a cheap but quality lipgloss that stays on for hours.

3. Concealer, (Ivory)

For some reason unknown to me, i can NEVER find a concealer that is the correct colour for my skin tone. Maybe it's because i'm so so pale but anyways i bought this concealer thinking 'this one might work'. I like the packaging of this concealer, all you have to do is twist it and the concealer comes out.
I found that this concealer had quite a creamy texture and it adhered well to my skin. I have rather dark circles underneath my eyes and this concealer covered them well :). Very pleased with this product and would purchase it again and again!

I've again tried to do a swatch of the concealer but my camera is rubbish :(.
I chose the lighest shade that there is avaliable as like i've said, i have pale skin. Always try to find a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation for the best results of covering up spots, dark circles and anything else you want to cover!
Lovely creamy stick concealer! :)

4.Blending Eye Brush

I've been trying to find a decent blending brush for ages, but wasn't too keen on splashing out a lot of money for a MAC one. (Even though i want them so bad!)
So i found this brush on the e.l.f website for £1.50! VERY VERY cheap huh?! I was so impressed with this brush as it is so soft and for £1.50 you wouldn't expect it to be the best quality but it IS! No hairs fall out and it is super soft on the eyelid. It blends brilliantly and i am SOOOOOO pleased that i finally have a quality blending eye brush!
There's not much i can say about a brush, but i recommend e.l.f brushes to anyone who doesn't really fancy splashing out on dearer ones!

All in all, i was MEGA impressed with my e.l.f products. So pleased with the quality of the products as i didn't quite know what to expect due to their extremely cheap prices! I can't believe how cheap e.l.f products are! Infact, the products are better than dearer drugstore products!

www.eyeslipsface.co.uk PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit their website, their products are SO cheap but absolutley AMAZING. There is a studio line where the products are slightly dearer, but i'm talking £2.00 dearer. I purchased the concealer and blusher from the studio line and they also have studio line brushes which are again £2.00 more. SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW PRODUCTS!



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