About Me

Leah Georgette
I adore my family
I have two dogs called Colin and Ruby and a cat called Oscar.
I have 7 piercings.
I really want a tattoo.
I love Britney Spears.
Been with my boyfriend for 3 years.
I have a desire to become a beauty journalist.
I have an older sister who is my best friend.
I love magic stars and red bull.
I really want to go to Australia and America.
I plan to visit Kent a lot.
I hate being bossed around.
I love having the freedom of being able to drive.
I am a vegetarian. I can't stand the way meat tastes and the texture of it.
I can't wait to go to Uni (hopefully) and meet new people.
I love the cold side of the pillow.
I prefer winter.
I love make-up.
I love big, volumized hair.
I love to wear my hair in a messy bun.
I have a big smile. :D