diet time

This weekend I've stayed at my friends house and all I have done is eat. This is no exaggeration, I will run through the list of what I've eat from Friday until Sunday,
Coco pops, a panini, fried rice from the Chinese, spring roles, 4 jam doughnuts, 3 big cookies, 2 croissants, 1 chocolate eclair, many jaffa cakes, dairy milk chocolate, 4 packets of crisps, 4 domino pizzas, domino's garlic bread and lots of alcohol.
So it may not seem loads to some people, but for someone who is only 5'5 and WAS just over 8 stone, it is MASSIVE AMOUNTS.

I don't know why I've ate this much but I suppose I needed it! It feels nice to have a MASSIVE binge and not worry about my weight for a couple of days, but now, I know I cannot eat like that again, so DIET TIME. 

When I say diet I don't mean an actual diet, I just completely cut out the junk and TRY to stick to healthy foods. Tomorrow is the start of it however I know Christmas is coming up so this is gonna be hard! I'll let you all know how it goes. I apologise if some people may not agree with what I'm saying but I just wanted to share with my lovely followers :)
Some people may say, you don't need to loose weight but I believe if I don't feel comfortable with the way I look, there's no harm in eating healthy and at the end of it, feel happier! 
Hope your all well! 

I had a fun weekend! hahahaha <3


oh baby you're so beautiful

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are so unbelievably beautiful. Looking at them takes your breath away just because they are so utterly stunning and their fashion sense is impeccable. I have seen many blogs where Mary Kate and Ashley are fashion icons and to be honest I couldn't agree more. Simply faultless. 
To top it off, they have amazing hair. I want, need, crave my hair to be this long. In fact, I am going to aim for hair like this. 


love life

The Notebook is one of my favorite films ever. I hope for a timeless love like Allie's and Noah's.  I wonder if it exists? I pray it does. I may perhaps be finding out...<3

I have learnt that you should NEVER change for anyone. If they don't like you, f*ck them. Be you. Be true to yourself, don't let anyone change who you are.

I love life at the moment, I love my social life and do have the attitude 'fuck it, I'm young'. It might not be the right one, but it suits me where I am at this time of my life. I want to have fun and be free because after all, I'm young.

Don't let the bastards get you down.
Keep calm and carry on.


tweet tweet.

Yes that's right I finally have Twitter ya'llllllll! I had to create one for my course at Uni..bluh. I wasn't really a big twitter fan but nowww I have to admit...I kind of like it! I love stalking all the celebs of course ;)

leahfoll      <<<< twitter name, very special and original :| HA

If you are okay with reading tweets about my oh so exciting life then feel free to add me :D I will also included updates about what is coming next for my blog!



Zombies wear sequin hot pants...right?!

Hey my beautiful followers. Apologies for the lack of posts, I've just been a busy bee with Uni and most recently HALLOWEEN! Ah yes, the 'oh so scary' holiday where 'In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it'. I'm sure all of you chick flick lovers will know where that famous quote is from ;) 

Did I go along with this girl world rule? Oh hell no! I went for the ever original ZOMBIE however as I am an 18 year old girl I did want it to look sexy therefore I give you all Halloween 2011 finished makeup look...

As you can see here, Samantha and myself are posing in front of the webcam with our 'sexy' zombie makeup. Here are some close up's of the make-up look, (please excuse the strange faces I'm pulling as well as the fact I'm sitting in my dressing gown ha)

This look was very easy to create, all I need was white face powder, black eye shadow, pink eye shadow, mascara, eye liner and VERY big sexy fake lashes ;). As you all know I am a student therefore I went for the CHEAPEST option to create this look and for the white powder, and fake blood the total cost to create this look came to £4.50. Yes that's right.....£4.50. 

Me and my friends went out 'clubbing' shall we say and I had one of the best nights EVER. The club was packed and there were so many cute, sexy and freaky as hell costumes going on! One man was dressed as Chuckie and for someone who is terrified as clowns....that didn't go down too well with me! 

I'm sure your wondering what I wore...well I did say that I wanted to be a SEXY zombie right?

Yes...we wore sequin hot pants which are absolutely gorgeous by the way! £22.50 from Miss Selfridge (student discount included of course). All we did to create the 'costume' was get a cheap white vest (Primark) cut holes in with scissors and apply the fake blood. We done the same with the tights! And just because we felt like it...we added glitter spray! 

Here are a couple more images of me as a ZOMMMMBBBIIIIEEEEE! 

I hope you all had a 'haunting' Halloween ;) and hope you all like my look! Let me know what you's think!

Lots of love, <3


Rimmel; Kate lipstick, 01.

Ola ladies! Hope all is well. Just a little post on my gorgeous new lipstick from Kate's new collection in Rimmel.
I chose shade 01, a luscious deep red which looks amazing against my skin tone (my opinion).

As the picture shows there are 6 stunning shades but I was looking for a red lipstick to wear for all occasions and for £5.49, I went for it.

The packaging is beautiful. Black and striking with Kate's signature wrote in red which stands out against the black lid. Love the font that's been used too, a beautiful girly font. 

The images show the lipstick on yours truly. My camera is clearly rubbish because it makes the lipstick look pink but it definitely has NO pink tones. It is a gorgeous deep red that looks sexy and vampy ;) (I paid £120 for that bloody camera!)

The lipstick itself smells lovely, a little bit like sweets and apply like a creamy dream. It lasts for about 5 hours on me and then I want to re apply to get the deep red colour back. It hydrates your lips too and feels creamy and moist. 

I would definitley recommend this product. I adore it and it's my new fave make-up product! I take it everywhere with me.

<3 love to you all. 


oh my god, that is so 'LUSH'

Hello my lovely followers! Hope you are all well and happy. Again, I apologize for the lack of posts, I've just had so much going on. Had some quite disappointing news this week but I look at it like this, there's always a positive from a negative. So I'm keeping my chin up.

Anyway, my sister has came up to see us (massive yey because we haven't seen her for about 6 weeks) and she brought me some goodies as the plan was that she would be looking after me...(long story to do with the disappointing news). Oh my god, did I get ruined AGAIN!

Lots and lots of Lush items. Just wow! I am a lucky lady. I got bath bombs, bar of soaps, lip scrubs, moisturizer and more! Couldn't believe how much my sister gave me and I am itching to use it all. 
Here are some snaps of some of the Lush items...

I ran a bath straight away and chose a Lush product to use. I wanted to cover myself in Lush goodness.

I chose KARMA a 'bubble bar slice. All you had to do was break off a piece, and crumble it underneath the running water which my sister is oh so brilliantly demonstrating in the picture below! The colour is amazing and it smelt like sweeties! I very happily laid back and let the product sink into my skin which made it soft and smell incredible.

The pictures above are over how much bubbles the cleverly named bubble bar created, lots huh?! 

I also chose a soap called ROCK STAR which seriously smelt like a sweet shop! The colour is  baby pink and the size is just right for travel.

I am sorry about the wrong way round image but my laptop is being a right idiot and not doing things I want it to! So annoying. Anyway the images show what it looked like and the label. SWEETIES :D

I am planning on doing more reviews as I use the products, so watch out for those! Hope everyone is okay, I personally would love some good luck to come my way.

<3 love to you all. 


i'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour

OLA LOVELIES! This is a tiny post about my friend's new blog. She is also a Journalism student and LOVES to write music reviews. It takes a lot to make a blog and she's finally done it :D 










things can only get better

Well well well, I've not done an actual post in ages! I have to apologize for my absence, I've just been busy with University and going out and basically just having the time of my life! University is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am finally feeling happier. (took my time). I am so so happy at the moment and will hopefully be getting accommodation very soon. ARGHHH comes to mind when I think about living near my Uni! SO EXCITED but don't want to jinx it! Finger's crossed everyone!

So, moving on...This post is just a little one showing you three items that I bought today and I have fell in love with.

A ring and earrings from Miss Selfridge and an absolutely stunning Barry M nail varnish in the colour FOIL. As you can see the ring and earring were in the sale for £2.00 each...bargin if you ask me, and the Barry M nail varnish was £3.99 HOWEVER being the Uni student that I am, I did get a discount...oh yess I did! :D 20% off....what a lucky girl I am. It may not seem like a lot but when your a student, every little helps!

Sorry about the blurry images but how stunning is this ring? As you can see it is shaped like a wing and is covered in diamonds which are also pink and green. These particular colours look amazing with the gold! It is my new favourite ring, it overlaps onto my little finger and fits perfectly on my ring finger. It goes perfect with my silver nails too ;)

Okay, how adorable are these earrings?! I seen them and fell in love. My friend loves peace symbols and wants one tattooed on her wrist and you should have seen her little face when she seen these! They are covered in diamonds (not real ones of course) and are small and petite. £2.00 for these beauty's? Bloody bargin. You can wear them with any outfit and I think It's because they are diamonds...everything goes with diamonds whether it's a little black dress or jeans and a sexy tee! 

Are you not just in love?! This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING nail colour. At first I was a bit skeptical of buying this as I didn't know whether it would turn out glittery on my nails or in fact metallic looking. I am extremely pleased to say it is a stunning silver metallic nail varnish. I have never found a nail varnish that gives off this amazing effect. It catches the light beautifully and is just constantly shining. I can't keep my eyes off it! All of you know what Barry M nail varnish is like but I'll say it anyway...applies beautifully and smoothly and is long lasting. I definitely recommend this colour to everyone who loves eye catching nail colours. Goes perfectly with a going out outfit too ;)

I think that these three items go perfectly together too!

Hope everyone is happy and loving life. Live it to the full.
Live. Laugh. Love.

Leah xxx