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Well well well, I've not done an actual post in ages! I have to apologize for my absence, I've just been busy with University and going out and basically just having the time of my life! University is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am finally feeling happier. (took my time). I am so so happy at the moment and will hopefully be getting accommodation very soon. ARGHHH comes to mind when I think about living near my Uni! SO EXCITED but don't want to jinx it! Finger's crossed everyone!

So, moving on...This post is just a little one showing you three items that I bought today and I have fell in love with.

A ring and earrings from Miss Selfridge and an absolutely stunning Barry M nail varnish in the colour FOIL. As you can see the ring and earring were in the sale for £2.00 each...bargin if you ask me, and the Barry M nail varnish was £3.99 HOWEVER being the Uni student that I am, I did get a discount...oh yess I did! :D 20% off....what a lucky girl I am. It may not seem like a lot but when your a student, every little helps!

Sorry about the blurry images but how stunning is this ring? As you can see it is shaped like a wing and is covered in diamonds which are also pink and green. These particular colours look amazing with the gold! It is my new favourite ring, it overlaps onto my little finger and fits perfectly on my ring finger. It goes perfect with my silver nails too ;)

Okay, how adorable are these earrings?! I seen them and fell in love. My friend loves peace symbols and wants one tattooed on her wrist and you should have seen her little face when she seen these! They are covered in diamonds (not real ones of course) and are small and petite. £2.00 for these beauty's? Bloody bargin. You can wear them with any outfit and I think It's because they are diamonds...everything goes with diamonds whether it's a little black dress or jeans and a sexy tee! 

Are you not just in love?! This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING nail colour. At first I was a bit skeptical of buying this as I didn't know whether it would turn out glittery on my nails or in fact metallic looking. I am extremely pleased to say it is a stunning silver metallic nail varnish. I have never found a nail varnish that gives off this amazing effect. It catches the light beautifully and is just constantly shining. I can't keep my eyes off it! All of you know what Barry M nail varnish is like but I'll say it anyway...applies beautifully and smoothly and is long lasting. I definitely recommend this colour to everyone who loves eye catching nail colours. Goes perfectly with a going out outfit too ;)

I think that these three items go perfectly together too!

Hope everyone is happy and loving life. Live it to the full.
Live. Laugh. Love.

Leah xxx

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  1. Diva always has amazing sales!


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