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So, to start with i thought i would tell you about one of my favourite stores, Lush. I think it is absolutley amazing, full of fantastic fresh handmade cosmetics. We don't have a Lush store near where i live, however luckily while in Kent i got the chance to buy a couple of products.

As soon as i went into the store, the frangrance of all the fresh products hit me! It smelt gorgeous! To start with i picked up a face mask called 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' 'blueberries rich in beneficial-oxidants and full of vitamins and minerals reduce inflammation and have antiseptic effect. Soothing Chamomile, Irish Moss and Almond Oil with the gentle cleansing action of Calamine save the day!' Just sounds inviting doesn't it?

This particular face mask is best for dry skin as there was about 6 face masks you could choose from. Simply ask one of the assistants in the store what would be best for your skin type.

So when i got home i rushed into the bathroom, wiped off all my make-up and applied the face mask. (it has to be applied to clean skin). The smell of blueberries is 'lush' and it feels amazing on your skin. You have to leave it 5-10 minutes and within that time it goes a little bit hard on your skin, as it is setting! The only negative point i have about this product is it can tend to crumble off the skin, but when you wash it off with warm water, that doesn't seem to matter!

My face was left smelling gorgeous and was the smoothest i've ever felt it! As you can see it comes in a pot and there is a lot of the product in the pot, bare in mind that you use it 2-3 times a week, so in my opinion it will last for a while.

It is just absolutley AMAZING! I would reccomend this particular product smelling of blueberries to anyone who suffers from dry skin, it hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling so so smooth! It's a brilliant product to use for summer as it smells great. It was cheap at the price of £5.50 and all you have to do is keep it chilled. 5 star rating!

I then went on to purchase a moisturiser beacause i could never find one that suited my skin type. I have dry skin and have always had trouble finding a moisturier that actually worked so i went in Lush hoping that they could help...and boy they helped!

Introducing....'Skin Drink' 'Re-hydrating moisturiser for dry skin. In this pot you'll find aloe and sesame oil, roses and avocado to put the moisture back where it belongs. Dry skin drinks it up and is refreshed and lively again. Skin staple, A no-nonsense best seller'.

(sorry about the flash) this is the packaging it comes in, just like the face mask. I can honeslty say that again, it is AMAZING. I use it every day and night, after i have cleansed and toned, then i apply this all over my face. The moisture you feel in your face is unbelievable, and just like the product is named, it's like your skin is drinking up this moisture!

It feels silky and isn't too heavy on your face. Yes you can feel it is on your skin but believe me, when you have dry skin, all you want is a moisturiser that you can feel is working! ONE negative point, it doesn't smell that nice, i can't really describe how it smells because i haven't smelt anything like it, but don't let that put you off. If you have dry skin and are in need for a moisturiser...SKIN DRINK all the way! It's £11.50 but well worth the money. 5 star rating.

Hope you enjoy my first review...:)

xx Leah xx

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