Hey guys, so i thought i would share some more personal thoughts on here :)
tomorrow i go down to my sisters for her wedding which is on saturday and of course i'm one of the bridesmaids!

Excited is an understatement! I literally cannot wait for saturday, i really hope that the weather is going to be good, which is more than likely as the wedding isn't up North, it's down South and according to my sister, the weather down there is A LOT better than the weather up here! Thank goodness.

Me and my Mam are catching a train that takes us all the way down to London, and then to the place where my sister lives! Which isn't too far from London! The train journey may be a bit boring, but i've got a few things to do whilst 'enjoying' the journey!

I'm on the second Harry Potter book and i am certain that i will finish it by the time we get to London! It's a definate! I'm addicted to the books, and can't wait to get onto the next one! I also have my Iphone to keep me occupied. I'm adding new songs to my playlist as we speak!

On Thursday i am then going to get a spray tan! VERY scary idea seen as though i've never had one and i'm as pale as a ghost! We are just basically helping my sister do some final last touches. On Friday the whole bridal party are getting their nails done by my sisters future sister-in-law! Such a lovely lady!

The rest of my family are getting a mini bus down on Friday to where my sister lives which is going to take about 6-7 hours! So you can imagine how they must be feeling! My step dad has kindly offerered to drive them down with regular stops. God love him, he's an absolute saint! <3

When everyone arrives we are going out for a Mexican, just my sisters side of the family, 22 people all together which is a very good number considering how far away she's getting married! My boyfriend of nearly 3 years will be my date of course, really looking forward to having a slow dance with him...haha gush gush gush!

For her hen party we all went to Ibiza for the weekend in June! Here are some pictures of the lovely ladies when in Ibiza Baby!
This is my sister, me, and my mam

All the girls who came to Ibiza!

She also had another TWO hen nights, the lucky thing, one where she lives and one up North where she use to live!

The girls about to go on a night out down South!

Me and my sister on the hen do up North!

Me, Mam and Jodie

As you can see, Me and my sister have quite a close relationship even if she does live hundereds of miles away!
Anyways, i'll keep you posted and upload some pictures from the next couple of days!

Leah xx

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