Hey guys! Well, just oh my god, i can't explain how much i want these nail varnishes, i want them SO SO much, but unfortunatly the only place you can get these stunning polishes is house of fraiser and there isn't one near me! BUT i will not let that fact get me down! I am determined to get these nail varnishes!

Hellooooo pretty things! As part of Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale, Deborah Lippmann has put together these glitzy nails varnishes called Get This Party Started. This gorgeous looking set contains the best seller Happy Birthday which is a party in a bottle, plus two new sparkling shades, Forget You which has a sheer black base and Candy Shop which is a yummy looking bubblegum pink.

(Notice how each nail varnish has a song name? It's Deborah's way of showing her love for nails as well as music. Each nail varnish has the name of a song that she loves!)

All three nail varnishes are packed FULL of glitter shaped in hexagons that help give a amazing shine and, of course, glittery look! Imagine rocking these glittery nails on a night out or lying on a red hot beach with your nails glistening in the sun?

Just how amazing do these look?! Without a doubt i WILL be getting my little hands on these jaw dropping varnishes. They will without a doubt get the party started!


What do you think of these stunners?

I also want to add in the nail varnish called Shape Of My Heart which was created with Shape magazine to help fight breast cancer. I am a HUGE supporter of helping to fight any type of cancer, particular breast cancer as my mother suffered from this illness. She has won the battle and is fit and well.

The shade is beautiful a Healthy Blush (sheer) and i just love what this nail varnish is made for.

I want these nail varnishes badly! I can just  imagine them sitting pretty on my nails as i am never without nail varnish. I would love to add these glittery beautys to my collection!

What do you guys think?!

Leah xxx

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  1. I want them all, just don't think I can afford them :( They are gorgeous though!x


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