Mini Primark Haul

Hello lovelys! Just a mini Primark haul because I really wanted to show these things off because I just think they look fab,

The ring in the top image is stunning! I've wanted a ring like this for ages. It looks medieval almost! I adore the large blue stone with amber streaks running through, it gives this ring a edgy and quirky look! I wear it on my index finger because I prefer it on that finger! It looks fab and I love to match it up with high waisted shorts and a vest tucked in. This ring gives your outfit and edge! Love it and I think it was only £1.50! BARGINNN! 

The ring in the bottom image is also gorgeous! The diamonds and pattern around the ring make it stand out and the white on the blue background makes the ring look victorian. I wear this ring on my index finger as well, it just looks better on that finger! Again for just £1.50.

I thought that these earrings were so cute! They were only £1.00 and I just loved them as soon as I saw them! I love the design of them and the diamonds at the top make them sparkle!

 I also picked up these cute little clips for £2.50. The flower design grabbed my attention! I have really long hair and I get so annoyed with it sometimes and I thought these would be perfect to clip my hair up! They are really strong too and you can feel that they won't let your hair slip out.

And I lastly picked up this make-up bag! I really needed a new one that would be able to fit all my make-up in because I have lots! I loved this lepord print design and the gold 'sign' on the front that says 'Make me gorgeous'. The material is a knock off leather effect and you can feel that it isn't going to snap at the heavy weight of your make-up!

This is what the inside of the bag looks like! As you can see its quite deep and will be able to fit lots of make-up in! The pink lining also gives it that girly look and feeling and also allows you to find your make-up easily. The mirror is a cute little bonus BUT mine was smashed :( never mind though! It was £4.00.

So there we go! Just a mini haul :) I love Primark and all the clothes and jewelery! Wish there was one near me, the nearest one is Newcastle!

Let me know if you have the same items and what you think of them!

Leah xxx


  1. I love the rings! Seriously need to get myself down to Primark soon, they seem to have loads of nice stuff in lately :) x

  2. Awww those angel wing earrings are too cute!

  3. I've been eyeing up the wing earrings for ages, they look more like Topshop than Primarni :) xx

  4. Don't they just?! They are soo cute! xx

  5. oooooh i love the earrings! if only there was a primark in australia :(


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