M.A.C lovin'!

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well!
My Mam and Step Dad got back from their holiday yesterday and I was so so pleased to see them, I missed them lots! My Mam then went on to pull something out of her bag....

TADA! My face lit up as soon as I seen the MAC logo. At the bottom of the box you can see it says 'REEL DRAMA LIP BAG' so I knew that this little box was going to contain some gorgeous MAC lip goodies. I went on to open it as soon as I got it in my hands...I was so excited.

And this is what the box contained. Just oh my god. People don't understand why I get so excited over make-up but cummon...it's MAC!! A MAC lipstick, dazzleglass, cremestick liner AND make-up bag.Just wow! These are now my first EVER MAC products and I could not be happier! I wasn't expecting any MAC make-up off my Mam because we all know how expensive it is so to get these little beauties and for free?! I am one happy lady it's fair to say.

The luxurious lipstick is called Reel Drama and is an absolutely gorgeous dark pink shade. I cannot believe the pigmentation in this lipstick...honestly the best I've ever had, 1 coat and you're done, however if you wanted to, you can layer and layer and layer! When I applied the lipstick I couldn't believe how creamy it was and how hydrated it made my lips feel. I love the colour and I believe that this particular lipstick is only available in this special little box.

Just a gorgeous colour right?! I'll now move on to the dazzleglass crème in the colour Scenestealer. Now again, I think this colour is only available in this set but I wanted to tell you all how much I love it! Lipglosses aren't usual my thing but I adore this one and will definitely be purchasing some more MAC ones! Scenestealer is a peachy pink shade and has silver flex's which makes your lips shine and dazzle in the light! I layered this stunning dazzleglass on top of the Reel Drama lipstick and it gave my lips that extra edge. Great for a 'going out' look! The dazzleglass doesn't leave your lips sticky and doesn't leave you with that feeling of having too much lipgloss on. It smoothly glides over your lips by using the wand leaving your lips shine and dazzle everyone around you! Love it. 

Sorry about the rubbish pictures, I used my I-phone because I couldn't find my camera lead! Anyway, you can see how creamy and lush this dazzleglass is....just yummy! Now onto the cremestick liner in the colour Softwood again, don't think this is available on it's own. I don't usually use lip liners either but I didn't hesitate to rush to the mirror and try this wee beauty out! The colour of this lip liner matched my lipstick perfectly and again is highly pigmented. This particular lip liner is retractable which I love because you don't have to worry about sharpening it over and over again. It applied smoothly and helped my lipstick stop feathering out. The great thing about this is you can also use it to fill in your whole lips! This proved long lasting and felt very light on my lips.

God, my phones rubbish at taking photos! Hopefully you can see what the colour looks like however the phone has made it look darker than it actually is! 

The make-up bag is probably one of the best I've had. The size of it isn't that big but I'll be using it to put my make-up in, in my handbag. Perfect size for your handbag. The material feels strong and sturdy and the gold/nude detail gives it that extra wow. The inside is a reasonable size and will fit quite a few products in...just as much as you'll need for your handbag! 

So here is the little beauty of a make-up with my new MAC products in! The zip makes you feel comfortable that your make-up is going no where! An added extra bonus is the little zipper, which has the M.A.C logo on. How cute! All in all I am over the moon with my new M.A.C products and make-up. I can't wait until my M.A.C foundation and lipstick comes which I ordered on Sunday! SO EXCITED!

I hope you've enjoyed reading, let me know if you've had this gorgeous little package and if the products can in fact be sold separately...each product had 'not for individual sale' printed on the bottom.

Lots of love, Leah xxx

p.s I've had some great news today, a bit too personal for my blog but I'm just feeling mega happy now! Hope you are all happy too!


  1. You lucky girl! I;ve been eyeing up those sets on the website but just can't justify the price :(


  2. The lipgloss looks gorgeous! I love MAC lipsticks, they are super pigmented and they smell amazing (:

  3. Ah you're so lucky, my mother would never buy me Mac -.- Glad you had good news too btw!xx

  4. ooooooooo the lipgloss looks lovely!!
    I neeed to get some!
    Have you tried the MAC kajal eye pencil in black, it's so dark and lovely!
    Mursal ♥

  5. It's nice to see Im not the only one who gets so excited over Mac! :P x


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